Name's Jac. Young and living life to the fullest. Enjoying art, culinary,music,and partying. Remaining sane due to the drugs, friends, and the nights I can not remember, but know i had a blast <3 xo

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The mascot of the Rhode Island School of Design is “Scrotie”, a set of male genitalia. The basketball team is the Balls and the hockey team is the Nads. Their slogan? Go Nads.
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shots fired

rockets launched
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i’m crying oh gosh

TUMBLR PROF ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are trans or nonbinary and you are in the same situation as the student above, email your professors before class starts. I understand that it might be uncomfortable, but generally professors are absolutely happy to accommodate you. I know I always will be!
If your professor does not respond positively, contact the Dean or the campus LGBT+ resource center with a copy of the email and show them that you are concerned about gender discrimination in the classroom. 

Also this is a link to the template I used to write this email, and I’ve seen another similar template going around, and this was extremely helpful.

At my school (the new school university in nyc) the first day of classes we were asked our PGP (preferred gender pronoun) by our Professors and also by many upperclassman students. it was really amazing to see a community be so open in regard to sexuality and gender. 
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Teen quotes
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I want one.